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Doomsday in March

Jan. 7, 2008by:
For a good while, we've been hearing that DOOMSDAY was coming. Not the actual end of the world (which is still scheduled for 2012 per various calendar-counters and religious kooks), but the post-apocalyptic action flick from writer-director Neil Marshall, who previously brought us hairy mayhem and spelunking frights with DOG SOLDIERS and THE DESCENT.

The news finally slipped out over the weekend: DOOMSDAY will be hitting theaters in the US on March 14, 2008, courtesy of Rogue Pictures.

Sexy Rhona Mitra puts on her post-apocalipstick as the heroine of the futuristic mish-mash, leading an elite team of specialists through the UK to walled-off Scotland in the hopes of finding a cure for a lethal global virus. Along the way they'll deal with mohawked marauders, fireballs, vehicles, yucky diseases, swords, guns, burnt-out landscapes, and probably loud music.
Extra Tidbit: The movie also features Malcolm McDowell, Bob Hoskins, Alexander Siddig, Adrian Lester, Sean Pertwee, and many, many British actors.
Source: Mrs. Doomsday


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8:59PM on 01/07/2008
I'm hoping that this will be awesome because I really liked his two previous
I'm hoping that this will be awesome because I really liked his two previous
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