Doug Liman set to direct The Three Musketeers?

According to THR's Heat Vision blog, apparently so! Not only that, but director Doug Liman's version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS for Warner Bros. would be in a race against Paul W.S. Anderson's Musketeer movie (in 3D) over at Summit Entertainment. Considering Liman was behind one of my all-time favorite movies with SWINGERS, I'm gonna have to side with him in this swashbuckling race.

On board to to adapt the classic adventure yarn by Alexandre Dumas is screenwriter Peter Straughan (THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS, HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS & ALIENATE PEOPLE). Dumas's novel, "tells the story of a young man named D'Artagnan as he joins forces with three veteran and disgraced French musketeers to stop the villainous Cardinal Richelieu." This adaptation, as with the competing Anderson film, is expected to be 3D as well.

Not much other information on the film is divulged, but Heat Vision does state that Liman (JUMPER, THE BOURNE IDENTITY) was offered the gig over director David Frankel (MARLEY & ME, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA), which seems like a no-brainer considering their respective CVs.

It should also be noted that Lionel Wigram is producing. Wigram was the initiator of last year's very cool retelling of SHERLOCK HOLMES. Should we expect THE THREE MUSKETEERS to get similar treatment?
Extra Tidbit: Admittedly, SWINGERS is a film that really succeeds because of its cast and script, not so much its direction. But THE BOURNE IDENTITY showed Liman's got it where it counts. What do you think? Is he a good fit for something like this?



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