Downey is Hefner?

He's successfully done the jet-setting (and jet-building) playboy as IRON MAN's Tony Stark -- is Robert Downey Jr. trading in his metallic threads for a smoking jacket to publish hundreds of bared breasts?

Downey has supposedly received the stamp of approval from Hugh Hefner (and not Stan Lee) to portray the king of tits himself. The biopic, tentatively titled PLAYBOY, would focus on the early years of the wonderful magazine that made many boys into men, and women into sex objects (it apparently also contains text).

However, the participation of Downey is contingent on several factors, including his soon-to-be-iron-filled schedule, an acceptable script, and a director (Brett Ratner is apparently no longer attached to direct but he was probably more interested in the "research" anyway), which sounds like a whole street of red lights. Manga-haired producer Brian Grazer is behind the project. Just let me know when the set visit gets scheduled...

Thanks to 'Beech' for the heads up!
Extra Tidbit: Hefner was previously portrayed by Peter Parker's uncle Ben, Cliff Robertson, in STAR 80.



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