Download sexy Portman!

It's pretty incredible that Wes Anderson was able to convince Natalie Portman to appear nude for the first time in a steamy sex scene in a short film that won't even play in most theaters. Consider that your motivation to finish film school kids. Anderson financed the short "Hotel Chevalier" himself and designed it as a prelude to THE DARJEELING LIMITED. He got Schwartzman involved and then got Portman's e-mail from producer Scott Rudin (ahem, little help?...). She agreed to everything in the script except for one thing - no smoking. So you won't see Portman puffing a Marlboro Light, but you will see her butt among other things.

I suppose it's a bit crass to focus so much on Natalie Portman being naked when "Chevalier" is an important work in the Wes Anderson oeuvre, but we're shallow people here! I love Wes Anderson and his films and shorts and commercials but I also love me some Natalie Portman. Is that so wrong? Am I that bad a guy? For all the rest of you like me, head over to iTunes today to download "Hotel Chevalier" for free. Yes for free. There is a God... Click below for proof.

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