Dr. Dre starring in Apple's first original scripted television series

Apple is about to get themselves into the television content game.

Currently filming in L.A., VITAL SIGNS would be Apple's first original scripted television series, starring none other than the Beats master himself, Dr. Dre. Dre is starring in and executive producing the series, which is believed to be comprised of six half-hour episodes semi-biographical in nature. Lined up as a dark drama, each episode would deal with some sort of emotion and how Dr. Dre deals with it.

Sam Rockwell and Mo McCrae are reportedly a part of the cast of the secretive series, and, as of now, it would appear Apple's plans for the series would be tied into their Apple Music subscription service. Whether the show would somehow be available through Apple TV or iTunes or any of Apple's other products remains to be seen at this point, but with Apple willing to bankroll original programming, this once again adds another big player into the mix for how audiences get content.



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