Dr. Parnassus trailer

It seems like we've been getting some wonderful trailers around here this week. Starting with the ZOMBIELAND redband to today's WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Now if only I could get a SCOTT PILGRIM trailer and we'd be in heaven. But I think I have something better and that's the trailer for THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS.

While I was watching this trailer I literally felt like a kid again. I felt the same way watching this as I did when I saw LABYRINTH for the first time. I am in constant awe of Terry Gilliam. He makes this film look truly enchanting and haunting all at the same time. This also looks like another superb performance for Heath Ledger as well.

I'm interested to see the development of the versions of the character Tony that is played by Ledger as well as fellow actors Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law. I gotta tell you though, everytime I see Farrell on screen I get excited. Let's get something straight first, I'm not like a lot of chicks who just think he's this beefcake. I think the guys got some real talent. ALEXANDER doesn't count. IN BRUGES does however.

I hope you guys see what I see, as well as the world of amazing fantasy that is shown in the trailer.

Extra Tidbit: Stewie Griffin poking fun at Mr. Farrell. "It's 96 degrees outside, better put on the wool cap."
Source: Yahoo movies UK



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