Dre Day at New Line

I could go on and on about how Dr. Dre's seminal hip-hop album "The Chronic" is one of the most important and influential music releases of the modern era, but I'll save that dissertation for another time. "The Chronic" though will always give Dre mad props (as the kids say) in my book and, as such, a little bit of leeway. Dre is looking to get into the film biz and has signed a production deal with New Line to produce and possibly direct features. The rapper said to New Line head Toby Emmerich, "Now it's time for me to make my impression felt/So sit back, relax, and strap on your seatbelt." The good doctor will first focus on "dark comedies" (an odd choice, no?) and will then segue into horror films. Crucial Films, as the company will be called, will develop the films and Dre would be heavily involved in the scoring and soundtracks of his films. Dre worked previously with New Line on SET IT OFF and contributed songs to the soundtrack of FRIDAY. He executive produced and starred in the Lionsgate comedy THE WASH, which was quickly forgotten. I would personally love to see Dre remake DOLEMITE, which heavily influenced some of his early music, but who knows if that'd ever happen.

Extra Tidbit: Time Magazine lists "The Chronic" as one of the top 100 albums ever (not even Pink Floyd made the list).
Source: Variety



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