DreamWorks Animation wants in on that Toy Story green, plans on bringing Troll dolls to terrible, terrible life

Dam dolls, Gonks, Wishniks, Treasure Trolls, Norfins... these are just some of the names used to describe these... things.

And now DreamWorks Animation, not content with letting Pixar have all the fun and money because of their successful toy film franchise, have now optioned the classic Happy Troll Doll character from Danish company Dam Things for the bigscreen.

On scripting duties are unknown writers/siblings Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson LaBracio (EVERGONE, THE IMPOSSIBLE ADVENTURES OF PHINEAS ROONE... both projects Variety lists that I can't seem to find on IMDb).

The dolls were originally created back in 1959 by Danish woodcarver Thomas Dam. The wild-haired little ghouls became an international craze in the early 1960s and would return to prominence a number of times to subsequent generations thanks in part to nostalgia, good marketing, and bad taste.

Variety adds, "The feature will expand on the troll dolls' mythology, while giving Dam a chance to relaunch the toy line for another set of young collectors."

Mythology? I... I give up.
Extra Tidbit: Troll dolls appeared in the opening of TOY STORY 3. Irony!
Source: Variety



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