DreamWorks wants a night at this spooky Museum

You wouldn't think that a blog would make great fodder for a movie but then again JULIE & JULIA was a decent summer hit and went on to earn Meryl Streep her umpteenth Oscar nomination. So maybe there is cinema gold to be found in them thar blogs! DreamWorks is looking to mine some gold, optioning the blog "Museum of Supernatural History" or Musunahi as it's more popularly known for a feature film.

How exactly is it going to work? Well, even DreamWorks isn't really clear on that right now. They see the potential for a film but have put the property out to writers hoping they can turn webmaster/curator Ernest Lupinacci into some kind of supernatural Indiana Jones. (Before you think Lupinacci is just some lonely guy working in his parent's basement, he was a Creative Director for Nike and ESPN.) DreamWorks gurus Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald (THE RING, DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS) are producing the film for the studio.

That's all well and good but man, you just wait until JOBLO.COM: THE MOVIE comes along. Like ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN but about Salma Hayek's boobs.

Extra Tidbit: THR stole my joke about Musunahi sounding like a cheap Japanese beer.
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