Dreamworks wants Tim Burton to bring the Monsterpocalypse

Alright, so far this year, Tim Burton has been attached to direct SLEEPING BEAUTY for Disney, THE ADDAMS FAMILY for Universal and FRANKENWEENIE for I don’t even know who. Well, add one more to the pile, as Dreamworks wants Burton to helm a movie version of the miniatures collectible game MONSTERPOCALYPSE.

It's a board game where players battle in a metropolis filled with buildings and it sounds like I would love it if I were a ten year old without a video game console.

It’s unclear as of yet what the format of the film would be, though I can easily see it working in stop-motion, though by the time this movie actually rolls around after Burton’s other projects come to life, the format might be even more dated than it is now, and they could just make the whole thing CGI. Though after seeing Burton’s losing battle with computer effects in ALICE IN WONDERLAND, I’m not sure if that would be a good thing.

It’s a shame, Burton used to be a director where you would look forward to every new outing from him, but now it never seems like he’s stretching himself, and every new project he picks up is always something completely expected. I’m surprised he’s not behind a gothic WIZARD OF OZ remake yet.

Extra Tidbit: Do. Something. Original.
Source: Deadline



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