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Dredd producer says sequel talks in very preliminary stages, no script yet


DREDD, the fan favorite action film from 2012, has already reached a fervent cult status of fans demanding a sequel. Karl Urban, Judge Dredd himself, recently made comments that DREDD 2 is in talks to happen. But, nothing has actually taken place. So, what is the deal?

Adi Shankar, producer on DREDD, has been an outspoken proponent of a sequel but he himself brought everything down a notch with a recent appearance on DweebCast where he shared the following:

"I'm going to tread lightly here. I feel like Karl made a small statement that got blown way out of proportion by news sites. Yeah there are conversations going on (about making DREDD 2), but I wouldn't automatically go like, 'Oh there's conversations going on, so when's the release date?' When there's no f*cking script."

Shankar definitely sounds like he wants DREDD to happen but goes into detail as to the distribution difficulties since DREDD was not backed by a studio. Pulling the funding together for DREDD 2 may be difficult as well seeing as the $41 million budgeted film only pulled in $45 million globally. But, with such a dearth of intense action films like DREDD, maybe there is hope someone will back a unique project, even if it is a sequel.

Source: DweebCast



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