Dredd unleashes fourteen photos after a very positive Comic-Con reception

Dredd new pic 3

I wanted to have the title be "fourteen fancy photos," but that would have been very much the wrong thing to type as these photos aren't fancy. Cool? Yes. Badass? Yes. Gritty, grimy, and serious? Yes.  DREDD looks like it's trying to be the Dirty Harry of comic book movies, and I like it.  JimmyO really liked it, and I think you will too.  But as the movie isn't out until September 21st, let's start with the new stills.

Or old stills, as some of these you may have seen before.  So what's new for those few is that now they exist in a larger size and glorious high resolution.

You can also check out our interview with Olivia Thirlby (the rookie Judge Cassandra Anderson) right here, as well as our one on one exclusive interview with Karl Urban (Dredd himself, naturally) right here.

Dredd new pic 1

Dredd new pic 2

Dredd new pic 3

Dredd new pic 5

Dredd new ic 6

Dredd new pic 7

Dredd new pic 8

Dredd new pic 9

Dredd new pic 10

Dredd new pic 11

Dredd new pic 12

Dredd new pic 13

Dredd new pic 14



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