Dressed to Kill again?

When Brian De Palma's DRESSED TO KILL was released in 1980, it was widely criticized for being a rip-off of Hitchcock. So it's somewhat ironic that some 27 years later, we're talking about remaking a film that many complained wasn't very original in its own right. Even sadder, MGM is planning the DRESSED TO KILL remake as a direct-to-DVD title. I could see a cheesy sequel going to video but why not at least try out a DRESSED remake in theaters? That stupid PROM NIGHT remake is going to theaters and there's no way this could be worse than that. Rick Alexander (Lifetime's "Strong Medicine") is writing the script for the film for MGM. The original film, starring Michael Caine and Angie Dickinson, is hard to describe without getting into spoilers but suffice to say it's erotic, suspenseful and has some interesting twists. So it's basically like a lot of Brian De Palma's films. MGM is also working on other direct-to-DVD remake/sequels like WARGAMES 2, SPECIES: THE AWAKENING and AUDREY ROSE.

Extra Tidbit: De Palma had to repeatedly fight with the MPAA to avoid being given an X-rating for his film.
Source: Variety



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