Drew Barrymore and Justin Long try to make it work in this trailer for Going The Distance

A lot of us have been in this situation before. You find someone that you really dig, but there's an issue of distance. The miles put a definite strain on the relationship causing you to wonder what the hell that person is doing when you aren't around. Then when you do meet back up, you have some sex on your sibling's dining table.

GOING THE DISTANCE tells the story of the long distance relationship. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long play the couple that find that instant connection in New York until one of them has to go back home to California. I wasn't completely sold on the film, then I saw Charlie Day. If anyone watches IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, you will understand. Also with Jim Gaffigan and Ron Livingston thrown into the mix, it's hard to resist.

Don't forget, this film sparked the real life on and off romance of Barrymore and Long. Tell us what you think. Check out the video below.

Extra Tidbit: "Let's chop cats!"
Source: Warner Bros.



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