Drew Barrymore to direct a Wizard of Oz sequel?

What's old is new again, and with the (unfortunate) success of ALICE IN WONDERLAND now comes a whole new slew of "re-imaginings" of classic franchises that really should probably be left alone.

The latest news on this front is that Drew Barrymore is, according to Pajiba, lining up to direct SURRENDER DOROTHY, a WIZARD OF OZ sequel where Dorothy’s great, great granddaughter harnesses the ruby red slippers’ power to stop the Wicked Witch of the West from taking over both Earth and Oz.

This project has been floating around since way back in 2002, but it appears that the time is ripe to get the film moving. Drew Barrymore directing seems a bit odd for a such an ambitious project, as her only other film to date has been WHIP IT! which was OK, but it didn’t exactly blow anyone away.

I have to imagine that if this does come to pass, there’s no way Ellen Page would NOT end up in the Dorothy role here, which would be pretty cool, but this whole idea still sounds pretty wacky to me.

Extra Tidbit: There’s a OZ prequel project out there in addition to this from Josh Lucas with Robert Downey Jr. attached as the Wizard.
Source: Pajiba



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