Drew directs Twilight?

The TWILIGHT sequel NEW MOON hasn't even started filming yet but Summit Entertainment is already looking for directors for the third installment, ECLIPSE and the name that's leaked out would probably surprise you. Drew Barrymore. Yup, according to Entertainment Weekly, Drew Barrymore is one of the candidates to direct ECLIPSE and is talking to the studio about the possibility. Barrymore recently wrapped her directorial debut, WHIP IT!, and while the film hasn't even released a trailer yet, the Summit folks likely saw an early cut and liked enough of what they saw to bring her in to discuss teenage vampires in love. Since ECLIPSE is scheduled for release a mere 8 months after NEW MOON, the studio is looking to get production on the third film shooting while the second is still in post-production (NEW MOON director Chris Weitz already passed on the ECLIPSE directing gig). It's obviously extremely early and neither Summit nor Barrymore's reps would comment so it could be very exploratory at this point but still. Drew Barrymore directing TWILIGHT 3. Interesting...

Extra Tidbit: Wow I completely forgot Drew Barrymore was in a BATMAN movie.
Source: EW



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