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Fast Track There's two trailers out there in the internets for your perusal so if you're in a screwball comedy or children's literature turned into peppy pre-teen comedy mood, you should take a look. First, Moviefone has gotten ahold of the trailer for FAST TRACK, a comedy starring Zach Braff in which he butts heads, through a series of increasingly antagonistic hijinks, with a cripple (played by Jason Bateman) when he begins to suspect the guy wants to make a move on his wife (played by Amanda Peet). It actually plays out surprisingly funnier than it sounds. Check it out over HERE. It opens December 29th. Second, the classic pre-teen sleuth Nancy Drew comes to life in a self-titled film, with Emma Roberts donning the mantle of the uber pre-pubescent detective and finding herself attempting to solve a murder mystery involving a movie star in California that's baffled authorities for years. With Nancy Drew on the case, though, you bet it'll be solved in less than two hours and it'll be done with tons of humor, fun, a not-so-thinly veiled message about being the best you can be and/or never giving up and a ripping pop soundtrack. Check out the trailer in delicious quicktime at the following links: Small, Medium, High, Super High. Finally, we also recently received the poster for NANCY DREW which you can check out below. It opens June 15th.

Nancy Drew

Extra Tidbit: All Nancy Drew books are attributed to Carolyn Keene, which was a pseudonym created by original publisher Stratemeyer Syndicate and has remained no matter who actually authors a particular book.
Source: Moviefone



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