Drillbit trailer!

The taylor for DRILLBIT TRAILER is now online. Wait, let me try that again. The trailer for DRILLBIT TAYLOR is now online. Ok, there we go, sorry about that. The movie stars Owen Wilson as a low-rent bodyguard who gets hired by three high school freshmen to protect them against bullies. Seth Rogen had a hand in writing the screenplay which is based on an idea by John Hughes. Judd Apatow is also producing. Notice how they advertise that the movie is from 'the people that brought you SUPERBAD', a movie that isn't even out yet. And with good reason I suppose, since the film is garnering some phenomenal buzz, including a perfect rating on our site. This movie looks funny enough and if anything it'll be a forum for Owen Wilson to do what he does best, and that's just be himself, or at least another version of it. DRILLBIT TAYLOR hits theatres on March 21st of next year.

Extra Tidbit: Where the hell has John Hughes been?
Source: YouTube



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