Ds award Marty

Marty already won the Big One two Oscars ago, but f*ck it... give him more gold I say!

During next month's 67th annual Golden Globe Awards, legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese will be presented with the Cecil B. DeMille Award by his most famously frequent collaborators, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Though Scorsese will forever likely be remembered for his earlier works with De Niro, even at the age of 67, with leading man DiCaprio by his side, we see the Italian-American auteur create films with a fire you'd expect to find more commonly in today's younger breed of filmmakers. To this day, Marty has continually found stylish, substantive, and exciting ways to tell us pure cinematic stories.

And should the early word I've been hearing on SHUTTER ISLAND be any indication (i.e. it's good!), then I think Scorsese fans will have lots to be excited for come next year.

The Golden Globes will air January 17 on NBC. SHUTTER ISLAND opens wide on February 19.
Extra Tidbit: Which of Marty's less talked about movies do you guys enjoy? For me, there's BRINGING OUT THE DEAD, KUNDUN, and even what's considered his "bad" film, NEW YORK, NEW YORK.
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