Duff in Province

Hilary DuffTrade publication "Production Weekly" apparently has a "Twitter" micro-blog and among the regular micro-bursts of industry news that they've been doling out, they recently mentioned that teen pop star Hilary Duff, along with Toby Keith, Pell James & Bruce McGill have joined the cast of the Shane Dax Taylor directed drama PROVINCES OF NIGHT. The film is based on the William Gay novel of the same name and since Gay's Southern Goth sensibilities make for some rather complex stories, here's an official synopsis: "Against the backdrop of rural Tennessee in the 1950s, Fleming Bloodworth finds himself alone in the family home after his father, Boyd, abandons him to hunt down and kill his wife's lover. At the same time, Fleming's grandfather decides to return to his family after 20 years of self-imposed exile. He returns to discover that his remaining two sons, Warren and Brady, are in turn an alcoholic womanizer and a Bible-quoting fantasist who enjoys putting curses on his enemies." This sounds like a good move for The Duff towards establishing herself as a serious adult actress (the less said about that BONNIE AND CLYDE nonsense, the better), especially after her excellent provocative turn in WAR, INC.

Extra Tidbit: Duff was considered for the role of "Tibby" in SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS. The role eventually went to Amber Tamblyn.
Source: PW



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