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Duhamel Has Got...?


No, I’m not questioning Josh Duhamel’s acting ability, WHAT’S HE GOT is the name of his latest project, promised to be a “high-concept romantic comedy” whatever the hell that means.

The film is being shot by OLD HOGS and WILD DOGS WILD HOGS and OLD DOGS director Walt Becker, so take that how you will. I was surprised to see that he actually was behind VAN WILDER as well so also, take that how you will.

As for Duhamel? At this point he’s practically more famous for being married to Fergie than he is for his acting. He seemed poised to be a star after WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON, but outside of being “that soldier guy” who shows up in the TRANSFORMERS movies, we haven’t seen a whole hell of a lot out of him so far. Let’s hope WHAT’S HE GOT? surprises us all…

Extra Tidbit: *Insert obligatory Fergie joke here*
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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