Duke, Baroness pics

Pop quiz: is there any event where Sienna Miller will not get her breasts out? Apparently, and surprisingly so, as these pictures prove. What we have today are two beautiful looks at two beautiful people, Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller, both of whom are starring in the upcoming big screen adaptation of GI JOE. Even though the pictures would have you believe Tatum and Miller are playing big time actor Channing Tatum and anti-clothing activist Sienna Miller respectively, the two are in fact playing 'Duke' and 'The Baroness'. Pictures BELOW, but you've already seen them a million times before in every single movie these people have ever done. Only difference is you can't see Miller's tits. I know, I was certain she'd get them out at early bird luncheons, bat mitzvahs, christenings, and for a moment, it was touch and go there as to whether she would get her cans out at a funeral, but hey, these pictures speak for themselves.

Extra Tidbit: Miller is hot, no question, but I'm still not feeling her as The Baroness.
Source: JFXOnline



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