Duncan Jones getting screwed out of DVD cash for Moon

If you're like me, you spent about a month trying to track down a local theater that was actually playing MOON when it was released. When that didn't pan out, I waited until it was on DVD (eons later) and rented it then, only to discover it was in fact one of my favorite films of the year.

Well, it turns out by renting it, I was inadvertently shafting over Duncan Jones and the crew. I’m sorry, I didn’t know! An angry Jones explains via Twitter.

Im actually quite upset right now.

UK DVD sales of Moon a healthy 120,000+. US numbers? Less than half that… due to huge number of “free” copies given to rental companies.

then they can split rental revenue with those chains, and pay the film makers… you guessed it… nothing.

Did you know that sometimes, when a studio wants to screw an indie film, they actually “give away” the DVD to large rental chains? ...

Just learned how we got “got” by the studio on Moon, and wont be getting any revenue from it. Very angry.

This is a shitty practice to begin with, but it's especially a big fat shaft for a movie like MOON, who couldn’t bank on ticket sales to make cash since distribution was horrific. By taking away a huge chunk of the DVD money and spiltting it with rental change, Jones and friends are getting reamed. 

I'm not sure why Sony hates this movie so much. As you'll recall, MOON wasn't nominated for any Oscars mainly because the studio didn't send the Academy any screeners (due to "piracy concerns"), and now there's this DVD bullshit.

In the spirit of charity, and because it’s a great movie, pick up a copy of MOON on Blu-ray.

Extra Tidbit: Clint Mansell's "The Nursery" from the soundtrack is my #1 played on iTunes right now.
Source: Indiewire



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