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Dunst back as MJ?


While he was out promoting DRAG ME TO HELL, even Sam Raimi couldn't say for sure if Kirsten Dunst would be back in SPIDER-MAN 4. But if the New York Post is to be believed, Dunst will return for the fourth installment. They spoke to SPIDER-MAN producer Todd Black who said Dunst is "definitely on board." Now before we get too excited (or disappointed), that quote isn't from the mouth of Black but from the Post (they provided no quotes from Black himself on this matter). During their talk, in which Black was promoting THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123, the producer also apparently squashed the rumor that the vampiric Morbius would be the film's villain. He did offer up some hints as to who it might be saying that filming would take place in New York and that New Yorkers "will appreciate who we pick, because it'll be a big part of New York." Huh?

I'm not sure of any major NYC-based Spidey villain except Kingpin and I really hope they don't go there. Then again, I'm not sure what to believe and if this is Black just throwing people off the trail, a miscommunication with a reporter or a newspaper trying to get some salacious quotes out of an otherwise boring interview. But would you be happy to have Kirsten Dunst back if it were true?

Extra Tidbit: I chose a pic of the comic Mary Jane because frankly she's hotter than Kirsten Dunst is now.
Source: NY Post



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