Dunst gets Screwed

While Tobey Maguire is busy signing multi-million dollar deals to return to the SPIDER-MAN franchise, Kirsten Dunst has signed on to star in an indie horror project titled A JEALOUS GHOST. Dunst will star as a woman who travels to London to write about "The Turn of the Shrew Screw" only to find that her life there is playing out much like the story (did I say "shrew?" I have no idea where that came from......). Said story, written by Henry James, follows a woman hired to care for two young children at a large estate. As time goes on she begins to see ghosts and learns that her predecessor (and lover) were killed and may now be trying to possess the children. The movie is based on a novel, which is based on a novel that was previously adapted into a movie (whew!). Megan Holley wrote the script based on A.N. Wilson's novel and Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego (KING OF THE HILL) will direct. Dunst can be seen next in HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS AND ALIENATE PEOPLE.

Extra Tidbit: Yes I realize that is a horrendously old picture of Kirsten Dunst but I like to reflect back on the good old days.
Source: THR



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