Dunst to direct?

I'm trying not to approach this story with skepticism since I actually liked what I saw of Julia Stiles' short film RAVING, the trailer for which was shown on the Elle website. Now, Kirsten Dunst has said that she's going to direct a short film, this time for Glamour magazine. The film will be based on short stories submitted to the mag by its readers, and is apparently supernatural based. It's reported that Dunst will be starring in the piece with her pal Michelle Williams, whose fella is off doing a role in THE DARK KNIGHT. I've never heard of any of this, but apparently, Gwenyth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston will also be creating live-action films of their own, in the same sort of mould. Hopefully Dunst has learned some tricks from Sam Raimi during her time working with him in the SPIDERMAN movies!
Extra Tidbit: Cameron Crowe said that Dunst was "very, very close" to getting the part of Penny Lane in ALMOST FAMOUS.



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