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The Last King of Scotland - TBA

When I first saw the trailer for THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, I thought, "blah," and I thought "blah," because not only did the flick look boring, but I put Blackberry Brandy in my flask instead of Captain Morgan. But then Forrest Whitaker and that crazy ass eye he has appeared on the screen with a fire and intensity that intrigued me enough to put down my drink. For a second. So just looking at the trailer, everything looks boring until Forrest Whitaker appears. The disc includes a Director's commentary, seven deleted scenes, and a Capturing Idi Amin documentary and more. We'll update with additional details and the cover art when it's available.

Free pot pies for everyone!

Fletch (SE) - May 1

Last week we told you about this special edition, and we can now give you the extras that'll be included on the "John Doe Edition". Ahhh, poor Chevy.


  • 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DD5.1 Surround
  • French DD2.0 Stereo & Spanish DD2.0 Mono
  • English SDH, French & Spanish subtitles
  • Just Charge It to the Underhills: Making and Remembering Fletch
  • From John Cocktoaston To Harry S. Truman: The Disguises
  • Favorite Fletch Moments
  • Theatrical Trailer

Deja Vu - April 24

Warnings from the past to clue you into things in the future? That's the premise for DEJA VU. Wicked! Too bad that didn't work in real life. Like a few mintues ago I had itch in my nose, so I pulled out a nose hair and it was gray. And I freaked. It would've been cool to get a hint from the past Johnny Moreno that said, "Hey bro, don't freak out but you're about to pull out a gray nose hair." That would've eased my mind about getting old. Someone get my Depends now. The flick itself will be presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen and English Dolby Digital 5.1 and special features include a Surveillance Window behind the scenes featurette some deleted scenes. We'll update this column with additional extras (if any) and the cover art when it's available.

"Is that Tony Scott I'm working with again? Deja vu.

Alfred Hitchcock (Box Set) - February 6

I know a bunch of you really dig the Hitchhock so you should be a bit stoked for this. Lionsgate is releasing the silent films THE RING and THE MAXMAN as well as MURDER!, THE SKIN GAME and apparently Hitchcock's personal favorite, RICH AND STRANGE. There's also a new featurette, “Pure Cinema: The Birth of the Hitchcock Style” featuring interviews with Peter Bogdanovich and Pat Hitchcock as well as never before seen home movies from Hitchcock’s early days.

The Ring and The Maxman feature new Stereo soundtracks, and the others are presented in the original Mono with optional Spanish subtitles.


Running With Scissors - Out Today!!!

Quirky characters. Perhaps too quirky for their own good? Read Jason Adams' review of the flick HERE. Don't forget to buy it HERE

The Night Listener - Out Now!!!

Robin Williams has become tedious over the years, let's face it. Read Matthew Plale's review of the DVD HERE. Snag it HERE.

Flyboys - Out Now!!!

Nope, not the latest urban dance flick, a bunch of kids flying planes. Fly, indeed. Quigles got his fly on with the DVD HERE (that sounded gross). Buy the two disc set HERE.


Extra Tidbit: Stay tuned Friday for another Caption the Pic contest!!!
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