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Major League (SE) - April 10

Often times while watching MAJOR LEAGUE in a drunken funk, me and my friends (which consists of my dead mom and a cat) will assign ourselves two characters and recite every line that is said by the characters. If you flub a line, you have a shot. If you completely miss a line, you have two shots. If you pass out before the movie, you get gang signs and swastikas written on you with a Sharpie. This "Wild Thing Edition" supposedly comes with a "turf cover", but don't try to smoke it. Actually, go ahead and let me know if that works.


  • 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DD2.0 and DD5.1 Surround
  • French Mono
  • Commentary by writer/director David Ward and producer Chris Chesser
  • Featurettes:
    • My Kinda Team
    • A Major League Look at Major League
    • Bob Uecker: Just A Bit Outside
    • A Tour of Cerrano’s Locker
  • Alternate Ending with Filmmaker Introduction
  • Photo Gallery

Bobby - April 10

BOBBY, the greatest movie of all time with the greatest cast of all time, directed by......the guy who directed MEN AT WORK (wah, wah, wahhhhh). Actually, I love MEN AT WORK and have been a fan of Emilio Estevez for a long time, so I'll ease up. There's only a couple of extras and the DVD will be available in separate Widescreen and Full Screen editions with English DD5.1 Surround audio with English and Spanish subtitles. There are two featurettes: Bobby: The Making of an American Epic and Eye-witness Accounts from the Ambassador Hotel.

The Sergio Leone Anthology - June 5

Leone fans delight. UK Leone fans can mock us North Americans since the Leone Anthology has been available there for almost two years. We also didn't get the Beatles right away either so there you go. The anthology will contain have remastered A Fistful of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More and Duck, You Sucker (A Fistful of Dynamite. Below you'll find the specs for A Fistful of Dollars, for all the rest go HERE.

Disc 1: Main Feature

  • 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DD5.1 Surround
  • French and Spanish DD2.0 Surround
  • English, French and Spanish subtitles
  • Audio Commentary by Sir Christopher Frayling
Disc 2: Extra Features
  • ”A New Kind of Hero” Featurette
  • A Few Weeks in Spain - Clint Eastwood on the experience of making this film
  • Cinqe Voci - Five friends remember Sergio Leone
  • Not Ready for Primetime - Monte Hellman discussion on The Prologue Shot for the first TV release to legitimize The Man with No Name's amoral killing
  • Additional Scene- The Network Prologue - with Harry Dean Stanton
  • Location Comparisons - intercutting film clips with current footage of locations used
  • Radio Spots - 10 Radio spots - audio only with texted video
  • Trailer - Promotes both "Fistful of Dollars" and "For a Few Dollars More" in the same trailer

"Aw crap, do you have another rolling paper?"

Flags of our Fathers (SE) - May 22

I don't know if I can stomach another war movie. I vow to not see another war movie until Tarantino finally released INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, which may never happen. So, here we go, Clint Eastwood, second part of the WWII story, special edition. Have at it.


  • Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation
  • English and French DD5.1 Surround
  • English DD2.0 Surround
  • English and Spanish subtitles
  • An introduction by Clint Eastwood
  • Featurettes:
  • Words on the Page
  • Six Brave Men
  • The Making of an Epic
  • Raising the Flag
  • Visual Effects - Looking into the Past
  • Theatrical Trailer

Caption the Pic Winner!!!

Congratulations to Schmoe Zagorakis for his very funny caption for the 300 pic below. Though I, and most of the JoBlo.com staff, have a real love jones for Natalie Portman, they say if you love something enough, set it free. What that has to do with anything, not sure, but it sounded good enough at the time. Zagorakis, please shoot me an email here or private message via MYJOBLO.COM to claim your CLERKS 2 (SE) prize. You have until Sunday or you'll forfeit your prize and I will give it to the first homeless person I see. Congrats again!

"Natalie Portman's body double is escorted to her trailer during filming for V for Vendetta."

Runner Up: "In Greece, how do they seperate the men from the boys? With a crowbar." - Arnel De Los Reyes


Children of Men - Clive Owen rocks the house in this weird glimpse into the future. Is it far off? Out Now!!!

Color Me Kubrick - Malkovich Malkovich stars as a guy who impersonated director Stanley Kubrick for years. I once tried to impersonate JoBlo and I was arrested for stalking Salma Hayek. Out Now!!!

Entourage (S3, Part 1) - Keep in mind that the third season is split up into two parts. The second part hasn't been announced, to my knowledge, but if you happen to know, strike back below and get the word out. 4/3

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Extra Tidbit: Stay tuned next week for another Caption the Pic contest!
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