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The Bourne Files - July 24

A few months ago, we reported a prospective Jason Bourne set and details of that are finally being released. I suppose releasing a set before THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM hits on August 3rd makes sense, but who the hell wants a two movie set when the third isn't even in theatres? Who the hell's saying they'll stop at a third?

The Bourne Identity

  • 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English, French and Spanish DD5.1 Surround
  • English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles
  • The Bookend Scenes: Never-Before-Seen Opening and Alternate Ending
  • The Bourne Mastermind: Robert Ludlum
  • Access Granted: An Interview with Screenwriter Tony Gilroy
  • From Identity to Supremacy: Jason & Marie
  • The Bourne Diagnosis
  • Cloak and Dagger: Covert Ops
  • The Speed of Sound
  • Declassified Information
  • Inside a Fight Sequence
  • Moby "Extreme Ways" Music Video
  • Cast and Filmmakers
  • Production Notes
The Bourne Supremacy
  • 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English, French and Spanish DD5.1 Surround
  • English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles
  • Explosive Deleted Scenes
  • Matching Identities: Casting
  • Keeping It Real
  • Blowing Things Up
  • On the Move with Jason Bourne
  • Bourne to be Wild: Fight Training
  • Crash Cam: Racing Through the Streets of Moscow
  • The Go-Mobile Revs up the Action
  • Anatomy of a Scene: The Explosive Bridge Chase Scene
  • Scoring with John Powell
  • Feature Commentary with Director Paul Greengrass
  • Cast and Filmmakers
Bonus Disc
  • Sneak Peek of The Bourne Ultimatum
  • 45-minutes of new exclusive features allowing you to discover the origins of Jason Bourne and the people who brought him to life:
      o Who Was Robert Ludlum? o The Ludlum Supremacy o The Ludlum Ultimatum

"If you find yourself scaling the side of a building, you have to act like you don't know how you got there."

Red Dawn (CE) - July 17

Every now and then you can catch this classic on cable at like two in the morning when you're coming back from the bar. At first glance, you might dismiss it upon seeing Charlie Sheen and C. Thomas Howell in the same flick together, but then The Swayze appears on screen with his perfectly sculpted moose like hair and you realize that what started out looking like a bad movie, is worse. But I love it. The Ruskies invade a small town in Colorado and it's up to The Swayze and his high school friends to stop them. When I was a young little nothing, I was actually frightened that this might happen in my city and I'd have to fight bulked up little eight year old Ruskies. Then my Dad beat me and everything was normal again. Ahhh.

Disc One:

  • Widescreen Feature Film
  • English and French Stereo
  • Spanish Mono
  • French and Spanish subtitles
  • Carnage Counter – Keeps a running tally of violent acts including deaths, bodily injuries and shots fired
Disc Two:
  • Red Dawn Rising – A retrospective look at the making of the film.
  • Building The Red Menace – What it took to create “World War III”.
  • Military Training – Explores the extensive training the actors had to go undergo to become convincing guerrilla fighters.
  • WWIII Comes To Town – Featurette that travels back to Las Vegas, New Mexico to interview locals and extras about what happened when Red Dawn turned their hometown into the fictional town of Calumet, Colorado and the centre of WWIII

Breaking & Entering - May 8

Judging by the cover, you can kind of get an idea about who's getting broken into and entered. If only it was Jude Law and we renamed it PENITENTIARY 7: SALIVARY ASSIGNMENT. Anyone ever see PENITENTIARY 3 with that little black midget who's teaching the young guy how to fight in prison, and the black midget screams, "It's in the guts! It's in the guts!" while punching the young guy repeatedly? Am I hallucinating here? Someone back me up. BREAKING & ENTERING will have 6 Deleted Scenes, a commentary by writer/director Anthony Minghella and a ”Lie, Cheat, Steal, Love: The Making Of Breaking & Entering” featurette.

The Astronaut Farmer - July 10

I think along with the FULL MONTY (SE) cover art (found HERE), THE ASTRONAUT FARMER goes right up there with this year's Worst Photoshopped Cover. Look at Billy Bob's face, it's like they just pasted it on without any effort whatsoever. Hmm, I think it's time to conjure up a Photoshop Contest for the JoBlo.com/DVD Clinic readers.

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