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Once upon a time we used to present a weekly DVD news column but due to an overall lack of time by JoBlo.com staff, the column was waylaid.  I always wanted to get back into the swing of things but kept putting things off.  Well I shall put them off no longer!   Here's the first new DVD News Update of what I hope will again be a regular occurrence at the Movie Report.

Jumping on the entire-seasons-of-TV-shows-on-DVD bandwagon is retro company Rhino Entertainment which plans on releasing what could potentially be the Greatest DVD of All-Time.  On April 18th, get ready for the DVD release of "The Transformers - Season One" which includes not one, not two, not three but FOUR DVDs complete with every episode from the first season of the classic cartoon.  Extras will include outtakes, alternate scenes, a script from one of the episodes, a Transformers documentary and as an added bonus, each set will come with two limited-edition Transformers cels.   How freaking cool is this!  Autobots - move out!

ALI gets the generic treatment
Michael Mann and Will Smith's ambitious ALI hardly lived up to the expectations of Sony and the subsequent DVD will hardly live up to your expectations.  It was a film of epic size but it will wind-up being a DVD of puny proportions.  The disc, which hits stores on April 30th, is what we'd call a bare bones disc featuring nothing except for the film's trailer.  Could this mean a special Special Edition is on the way sometime in the future?  Possibly, but don't expect much soon...

UHF finally gets DVD it deserves
Most people will agree that Weird Al's cinematic debut in UHF was hardly an Academy Award winning film.  But damn if it wasn't funny.  Now you and I both can revel in the glory of a DVD worthy on this underappreciated classic.  We'll get on this disc an audio commentary by Weird Al and writer/director Jay Levey, a making-of featurette, deleted scenes, an image gallery, music videos and original trailers.  We've got some time to wait (it doesn't hit stores until June 4th), but it'll be worth it!

OTHERS gets 2-disc treatment
This summer's surprise scary hit THE OTHERS will be released on May 18th as part of the Vista Series in a two-disc set.  Disc 1 will house simply the film with French and Spanish dubbing while Disc 2 will contain all the extras, which will include a full-length documentary, visual effects and "XP" featurettes, the original electronic press kit and trailers.

MEMENTO: SE street date
The date of the upcoming Special Edition MEMENTO DVD has been pushed back to May 21st.   Before you get all upset about the situation, be aware the delay is due to a positive change in the disc.  There were so many extras to pack in they've decided to expand onto a second disc.  No specs have been announced yet but let's hope they have the film running backwards (which would really be forwards...).

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