Dwayne Johnson filling Clive Owen's shoes in Protection

It appears that Dwayne Johnson has started to listen to the entire internet yelling at him to get his career on track. Once poised to be our next big action star, Johnson started inexplicably making a series of awful kids’ movies, and everyone began calling for his agent’s head.

But now it seems The Rock is back on  his game. He’s got some ass kicking to do in FASTER, he looks to be pretty good in Adam McKay’s action/comedy THE OTHER GUYS, and now he’s got ANOTHER new action project coming up.

According to The Wrap, Johnson will play the lead in PROTECTION, described as MAN ON FIRE meets TAKEN, where he’s a disgraced Special Forces soldier assigned with finding and helping a judge’s young daughter being targeted by Mexican cartels.

Formerly attached to the project was director Simon West with Paul Walker to star, then that shifted to Patrick Alessandrin directing and Clive Owen starring. But now all that is out the window, and it’s just Johnson right now on the film. No word on a new director or who will play the girl opposite him just yet.

Good steps forward Dwayne, keep it up.

Extra Tidbit: Did anyone here actually see THE TOOTH FAIRY? How awful was it?
Source: TheWrap



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