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Dwayne Johnson is Black Adam!


Dwayne Johnson has been teasing fans for months now on an unannounced DC role he would be taking.  While initially it was thought to be that of the titular Shazam, later rumors pointed in the direction of Black Adam.  Audiences hoped that some light would be shed in this past year's San Diego Comic Con, but sadly this was not the case.   It looks like that whatever needed to be ironed out has been done, and the question of The Rock taking up Shazam or Black Adam has been answered: Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter earlier today to announce that he will be playing Black Adam!

Check it out:

While Black Adam was created as the main adversary for Shazam, recent comics have painted the villain as more of an antihero trying to clear his name. Given the charisma of The Rock, I wouldn't be surprised if they go in that direction for the film.  Darren Lemke (GOOSEBUMPS, JACK THE GIANT SLAYER) has been hired to pen the script.  In the original "leaked release dates" of DC films, SHAZAM was supposd to arrive in July of 2016.  The updated DC slate has an unannounced film set for August 5 of 2016.  Could that belong to SHAZAM?  Regardless, I'll be very curious to see who they sign on they can go toe-to-toe with The Rock.  His stature is about as formidable as they come. I mean, did you see PAIN AND GAIN? He's ridiculous!

Source: Variety



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