DW's Wicked, 39 Clues

39 Clues book cover

Dreamworks found themselves thinking lately, and when studio execs start thinking... Well it can't be good. 'cause they're thinking Twilight and money. The last part, I do get.

The house Spielberg built decided they should cash in on the emo vampire craze by putting out their own tween-fantasy franchise based on the WICKED book series. Never heard of it but the studio calls their project “‘Twilight’ meets ‘Wanted’ with witchcraft". I wish I had a joke for that but they kind of made one all by themselves, didn't they?

The studio also intends to cater for younger kids in adapting the educational book series THE 39 CLUES, the first of which was penned by PERCY JACKSON author Rick Riordan. That one's about young siblings who follow their grandmother's will in chasing clues for something or other around the world. Recent Spielberg cohort Jeff Nathanson will provide script and coffee.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg himself might be directing CLUES, but that sounds more like some exec trying to generate a buzz with a rumor everybody knows is absolute crap. Unless they meant 15 years from now. And even then...

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of PERCY JACKSON, spank me down and call me Charly but I just zipped through the first book in 3 days and really liked it. I'm actually looking forward to the movie now.



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