Dynamo in IM2 game

Back when IRON MAN 2 was first announced there was a lot of confusion as to who the villain was going to be. One report said that Mickey Rourke would be playing Crimson Dynamo, while another said he'd be playing Whiplash. As filming wrapped it became clear that Rourke would be playing a character based mostly off Whiplash with some elements of Dynamo's background thrown in. But what if there was even more of an amalgamation of the two characters?

As Screenrant points out, a new preview for the IRON MAN 2 video game indicates that Crimson Dynamo will be the villain. And they've got the pictures to prove it.

Now screencaps from a video game that doesn't come out for about eight months isn't exactly a great source for movie scoops but it IS interesting that the first villain they've confirmed for the game is a character that's an awful lot like the lead villain from the film. Could they have both Whiplash AND Crimson Dynamo in the game? Or does at one point, the movie Whiplash don some kind of Crimson Dynamo armor?

Extra Tidbit: Sadly I have a feeling the game will suck no matter who the bad guy is.
Source: Screenrant



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