E equals MC Ribisi

I wish I were boys with Giovanni Ribisi. I love his look, I love his demeanour, I love his messy hair, his sad eyes, his slacker voice, the way he comports himself, the way the left corner of his lip curls when he smiles, the way his eyebrows---you get the point. I’m a fan. Funny thing is, I feel the exact same way about Albert Einstein, and everything I just mentioned can be applied to him too.

So when Ribisi announced Tuesday at a press junket for his upcoming flick PERFECT STRANGER that he’s been cast to play a young Einstein in a new biopic, needless to say I was psyched (understatement, anyone?). Italian director Liliana Cavani (RIPLEY’S GAME) will helm the project, from what Ribisi called a ‘really great’ script. The actor also said that "It's a movie that focuses on his relationship with his first wife, Mileva Maric, and I guess it's from the inception of that relationship to the end of his life." No other details were given except that shooting should start in July. More details should surface soon, but in the meantime, check out the rest of Ribini’s musings HERE.

Extra Tidbit: To this day, BOILER ROOM remains Ben Affleck's best movie
Source: Cinematical



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