Eagle Eye-max

Prepare to see Shia LaBeouf like you haven't seen him since the last time you saw him. LaBeouf will be all Imaxed out for his next film EAGLE EYE, which is scheduled to hit theaters in September. EAGLE EYE will open in 70mm Imax day-and-date with its traditional release on September 26. While I've heard a lot of skepticism about the awesomeness of EAGLE EYE, believe me, this is not your normal September release (where crappy movies usually get dumped after the summer season - see BANGKOK DANGEROUS). Everything we've seen here at JoBlo.com (and we've seen a lot) leads us to believe EAGLE EYE will be all that and a bag of Twizzlers. And the scope of the film lends itself perfectly to Imax. Just check out this clip and imagine it's not a small Flash-based player on your computer but a six-story screen. And if that doesn't wow you, Rosario Dawson on an Imax screen should do the trick.

Extra Tidbit: Can I make a bold prediction? TRANSFORMERS 3 in 3-D.
Source: JoBlo.com



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