Earhart is Swanky

Hilary Swank has confirmed that she will be playing Amelia Earhart in a motion picture adaptation of her life. Earhart was an aviation pioneer and a women's rights advocate who disappeared over the Pacific Ocean in 1937. Many great minds, such as Fred Goerner, Joe Klaas and the New Radicals, still question what happened to her, today. Strangely though (or maybe not), Swank tells us that the film won't be addressing the woman's disappearance, but rather focusing on the woman's life before she got in that plane. "No. It's not really about — there are so many things that are left unsaid about where she is, and a lot of people have a lot of different ideas, but it's not really exploring that in the movie," she said, when asked whether the film would try to offer an explanation to the mystery. Given that Swank is about as consistent with her project choices as the Seahawks are with pass rushes, this thing could end up being anything between an Oscar contender to a complete and utter turd. As such I have difficulty getting excited about this story. There's also the problem of the script not yet being finished, so while Swank tells us that she's expecting to make the project early next year, we'll have to see what happens. Stay tuned, I guess!
Extra Tidbit: Swank got her Oscar-winning role in MILLION DOLLAR BABY after Sandra Bullock dropped out.
Source: Collider



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