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Earth Stood in IMAX


This holday season, when Gort (or his equivalent) looms menacingly in the remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, you might get to see it happen on a screen sixty feet high.

Alien envoy Keanu Reeves and his destructive device will simultaneously be hitting IMAX theaters when the movie arrives December 12th on all the smaller screens. Fox says that the sci-fi cautionary tale (and its high-dollar FX sequences) is "ideally suited to Imax's immersive format", although the recently shifted HARRY POTTER movie was intended as an IMAX release, making some extra screens available. The Shia LaBeouf thriller EAGLE EYE will also hit IMAX screens this month.

Based on the 1951 classic, the new version of EARTH (from THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE director Scott Derrickson) involves an extraterresrial who visits our world with a harsh but appropriate message: change or die. Hey, I'd vote for Keanu.

Extra Tidbit: THE DARK KNIGHT's success on IMAX screens added over $55 million to its total.
Source: THR



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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