Eastern Promises pic

Eastern Promises Eric from over at "Ion Cinema" was cool enough to let us know he'd recently gotten a first look at Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortensen in director David Cronenberg's drama EASTERN PROMISES. In it, Watts stars as a midwife who takes it upon herself to investigate a Russian teenager who dies at childbirth and finds that her life is placed in extreme danger when she discovers a prostitution racket tied to a notorious crime boss (Mortensen). It's sure to pack the patented Cronenberg depravity and pathos. Get a bigger version of the right-pictured still HERE. The flick opens September 14th.

And if anyone's interested in equally promising indie fare, take a look at Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in director Todd Haynes' surreal biopic I'M NOT THERE over HERE, get some more Naomi Watts in director Michael Haneke's drama/thriller FUNNY GAMES right HERE and check out Julianne Moore as Barbara Daly Baekeland in Tom Kalin's drama SAVAGE GRACE over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Steven Knight, who wrote diector Stephen Frears' excellent drama DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, wrote EASTERN PROMISES.
Source: Ion Cinema



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