Ebert is #1

In this day and age, the word 'pundit' gets tossed around frequently. I've had an official idea of what it meant, never bothering to look up the true definition. When thinking pundit, I think Bill O'Reilly, Gerlado Rivera, even Steven Colbert. I think newsmen with political stances and opinions who enjoy the luxury of television to announce them.

Now the all-knowing, all-seeing Forbes Magazine has listed the top ten most powerful pundits in North America, I've been forced to rethink my definition. Why? Because none other than Roger Ebert has been named the most powerful pundit of all. A pundit is described as a person who gives educated opinions through the media. Ebert's opinions are not only educated, but they're presented in a relatable, eloquent manner. And I gotta say, there are so many movie reviewers these days, that that's not rare, but there is something so pleasurable about Ebert's writing that I can't quite place my finger on. I think it's his unique combination of an intellectual sensibility with an everyman approach.

Ebert was up there for being "intelligent and articulate" and was recognized by over half the people Forbes polled. Leonard Maltin also impressively hit the top ten at number seven, which is impressive considering news heavyweights like Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart were also on the list. This just goes to show guys, that obsessing over movies is nothing to be ashamed of, because God knows they're f*cking important. Just ask Roger Ebert.

Extra Tidbit: Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Rosie O'Donnell also made the list.
Source: Forbes



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