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As if there wasn't enough cool shit to watch online, now Roger Ebert's gotta go and throw the entire archive of his televised reviews online, too. Starting today, Ebert is putting more than 1000 of his shows (that's 5000 plus reviews for you non-mathematicians) online at atthemoviestv.com, making it the internet's largest collection of streaming reviews.. Ebert had this to say:

“Gene and I knew those old shows would be worth saving, but for a long time nobody agreed with us. In the years before home video, it seemed like a waste of expensive video tape to preserve hundreds of episodes of our earlier incarnations on “Opening Soon at a Theater Near You,” “Sneak Previews” or “At the Movies.” After all, the movies we were reviewing weren’t going to be opening again, and who’d want to watch a show of old movie reviews? Right?” asks Ebert. “all of that changed, and the current era of DVDs and Blockbuster and Netflix and streaming online content began to unfold. Today, there would be an audience for the original Siskel & Ebert reviews of, say, “Batman” or “Jurassic Park,” or Ebert & Roeper trading opinions on “Crash” or “Brokeback Mountain,” or Martin Scorsese and I picking the best film of he 1990s.”

Roger's website is already one of my first stops for print reviews and I tuned into his show weekly before he got sick and the likes of Jay Leno (???) started filling in, and although I probably won't use this video archive for new reviews, watching an old review of HOOK or BLOOD SIMPLE will be a great way to kill a meal, don't you think?

Extra Tidbit: Roger has written eloquent obituaries for Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman and Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, both of whom passed away Monday and who were considered among the greatest filmmakers who have ever lived.
Source: RogerEbert.com



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