Ebert's back with a new public television review show called Roger Ebert Presents... At the Movies

It's always inspiring to read about Roger Ebert these days. There was of course the great interview he gave to Esquire magazine earlier this year detailing his overcoming of cancer and how he's become invigorated anew as a writer for for the medium he loves. Then shortly after, he announced that plans were in motion to bring back "At the Movies" but with a new focus and tone that hopes to showcase and appeal to real quality film discussion.

Today, a dream for the 68-year-old film critic became a reality as he announced today on his blog that "Roger Ebert Presents... At the Movies" is now officially official and that programming will begin to air in January of 2011 on PBS. In addition to reviewing new major and indie films, the new show will also move into "coverage of New Media, special segments on classics, on-demand viewing and genres, and an extended website."

The new "At the Movies" will feature Christy Lemire (Associated Press) and Elvis Mitchell (NPR) as the principal hosts with regular contributions from Kim Morgan (MSN Movies, The Huffington Post) and Omar Moore (PopcornReel.com), as well as the occasional appearance by the man Ebert himself.

Below is a demo of the new weekly half-hour film review program. Be sure to check it out. You can read more about the show over at Ebert's blog RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Ebert is co-producing the new program with his wife Chaz.
Source: Roger Ebert



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