Eclipse debuts the shortest teaser trailer in history

ECLIPSE, the third and unfortunately not final installment of the TWILIGHT series, has just debuted what might be the world’s shortest teaser trailer, clocking in at ten seconds. But that's probably still enough to make ten year old girls faint all across the country, as of COURSE in a ten second trailer, Jacob still has time to be shirtless once.

The trailer features werewolf Jacob telling Bella that she’ll protect her until “her heart stops beating.” Uh, shouldn’t that be, until HIS heart stops beating? Oh wait, it’s a vampire reference. That’s actually mildly clever.

Not sure why Jacob is still all about Bella seeing as she was the world’s biggest bitch to him on at least five separate occasions last movie, but that’s this series for you. Character motivations aren’t exactly its strong suit, which is why you see a girl trying to get raped by a motorcycle gang so she can HALLUCINATE a vision of the boyfriend that dumped her.

Extra Tidbit: I vote Jacob hooks up with Dakota Fanning instead of a baby in the next book. I think that might go over better with audiences.
Source: JoBlo.com



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