Eclipse teaser poster

The suspense is over, the teaser poster for ECLIPSE is here.

So, there wasn't much suspense for it, but those who are interested get a peek. I can't say that it does anything for me. It's exactly what you might assume a poster for ECLIPSE would look like, it's a picture of an eclipse. Then again, it is just a teaser poster. I prefer it to some of the other posters from the TWILIGHT saga.

Don't expect for the news about sparkly vampires to go away anytime soon. The movies are being filmed back to back. As soon as ECLIPSE is finished, it's on to BREAKING DAWN. DAWN is the fourth and final book in the series.

The poster might be bland, but I'm still anticipating what David Slade is doing with the film.

Extra Tidbit: BREAKING DAWN is last...unless someone is crazy enough to do MIDNIGHT SUN. SUN is basically TWILIGHT from Edward's perspective. I really don't think it will get that far. Plus the novel isn't even done and may not ever be finished.



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