Ed Helms' Central Intelligence gets delayed, Hangover 2 first

Rumors started spreading yesterday that the Ed Helms comedy CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE had been scrapped by Universal. It wasn't long ago that the studio hired Dean Parisot (GALAXY QUEST) to direct and set up the production for a spring start while Helms was on hiatus from "The Office." It turns out that INTELLIGENCE hasn't been dropped but it certainly won't be filming this spring either.

Universal still seems high on the project and on helms but the spring go-time was probably a little ambitious. They're still working out some script issues and the project has since been delayed. It's now not likely to begin production until after Helms wraps production on HANGOVER 2. That's slightly strange news since HANGOVER 2, while an inevitability, doesn't itself have a set production date.

Helms recently wrapped filming on CEDAR RAPIDS and INTELLIGENCE, about a mild-mannered guy who gets mixed up in a CIA scandal, was set to be his first leading role. I don't blame Helms for wanting to take the time to do the project right instead of rushing into it just because it's a starring role. It's not like he has a shortage of projects or anything (just yesterday it was announced he signed on to star in JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME with Jason Segel). As for when HANGOVER 2 hits the road, I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Extra Tidbit: Who did Helms play in NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 and why can't I remember?
Source: Deadline



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