Ed Norton gets Job

Have I told anyone about my newfound fascination with Charlize Theron?   I don't know what it is about her lately that's really flipping my switch.   I've begun to wonder why she hasn't become a Cameron Diaz or Sandra Bullock tier actress.  She's got the looks, the body and most importantly, the willingness to do some nudity.  I suppose it's because she hasn't had that one BIG role yet.  Her SPEED or CHARLIE'S ANGELS is still coming.  Maybe, just maybe, that role for her will be THE ITALIAN JOB.  She signed on a week or two ago to this big-budget heist film to be directed by F. Gary Gray (THE NEGOTIATOR).  So far she's got herself Mark Wahlberg and just today Edward Norton also signed on to star.  We've got a pretty solid cast and what sounds like a fun movie.  But will it be just another generic heist movie?   Will Wahlberg dope it up with his hammy APES acting?  Will Norton go through the motions?  Will either or those things matter if Theron takes her top off?   Normally I would include a pic of the actor who just signed on, in this case Ed Norton.  But I will instead use this opportunity to showcase the beauty of Charlize.

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