Edgar Wright confirms his Ant-Man will feature Hank Pym

After Joss Whedon's statement that Hank Pym would not be appearing in THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, the question arose as to whether or not Edgar Wright's movie would feature the original hero or a later version such as Scott Lang or Eric O-Grady. Well, someone asked Wright that very question and he gave a not very clear answer:

ANT-MAN will "feature" Hank Pym.

As far as the comic origin goes, Dr. Henry Pym became Ant-Man when he tested a shrinking ray on himself. Pym would later join The Avengers with his girlfriend Wasp. He alternated identities between Ant-Man, Giant Man, Goliath, and Yellowjacket. The constant is that Pym is able to shift between being a normal strength at ant size and super strong at giant size.

Wright's test footage from last year's Comic Con showcased the shrinking ability, so it remains to be seen if we will get Giant Man in the big screen version. All versions of the Ant-Man identity have referenced Pym, with Lang getting his persona after stealing it from Pym and O'Grady obtaining his suit from a S.H.I.E.L.D. locker.

It is safe to say that if Wright is keeping Pym, his proposed "badass secret agent" approach to the character may mean we are getting an all-new take on the Hank Pym character or Pym will create ANT-MAN but may not be ANT-MAN. I guess we will find out more as the November 6, 2015 release date for ANT-MAN gets closer.

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