Edgar Wright signs on to direct Collider and share script duties with Mark Protosevich

Well, this is an interesting one.

Paramount has hired Edgar Wright to direct a sci-fi film titled, COLLIDER. Wright will also share script duties with Mark Protosevich (I AM LEGEND). Now let's take it further. Wright will be producing with his Big Talk Productions partner Nira Park and JJ Abrams through Bad Robot.

Wright, Protosevich, and Abrams. Paramount must have something rather big planned to bring all these parties together. Protosevich got the job after scripting the OLDBOY remake. He's also just wrapped writing on the Legendary's adaptation of MASS EFFECT. How did Wright get wrapped up in all this business? I guess something must have tickled his fancy.

As you may have guessed, there is no current plot for the film. If it ever has anything to do with Abrams then everyone is swore to secrecy.

Wright still has THE WORLD'S END to direct next on his plate. Then, will it be COLLIDER or ANT MAN? Probably COLLIDER.

Source: Deadline



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