Edgar Wright Teams Up With Pixar For Astonishing Ant-Man

In a partnership that does nothing if not melt my brain, director, Edgar Wright will write and direct the big screen adaptation of THE ASTONISHING ANT-MAN for Pixar Animation Studios. It will be the first collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and Disney since The Mouse-House acquired the super hero universe in August of last year for $4 billion. The film is set for Summer of 2013 and will be produced by animation Golden Boy, Brad Bird (THE INCREDIBLES).

Rumors were running wild after the two companies joined forces that Pixar had their eye on ANT-MAN but Wright insisted he was still attached to the project. Seems they were both telling the truth. In a statement issued early this morning, Wright had this to say: "I've had a passionate vision for ANT-MAN in my head for years, and now I have the greatest studio in the world helping me make it a reality." When asked about his thoughts, creator, Stan Lee added, "I couldn't be happier with Edgar teaming up with Marvel and Pixar. This one is going to be special!"

This is obviously a huge dagger into the hearts of fans hoping Ant-Man would play a part in the planned AVENGERS film in 2012. He was, after all, an original member of the team in the comics and kills another opportunity to add one more big name actor into the mix (Tom Cruise was rumored at one time).

Extra Tidbit: This is a fake April Fool's day article.
Source: JoBlo.com



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