Edgar Wright's next

I'm thisclose to hopping on a plane and jetting to London to see HOT FUZZ, because I'm so bloody (that's British for very) anxious for it and waiting another two months for the domestic release is sure to be excruciating. And I don't want to get myself too excited for whatever else filmmaker Edgar Wright has on his plate, given the seemingly eternal period of time between SHAUN OF THE DEAD and his latest movie. But here's the deal anyway...

Now that the FUZZ is fully cooked, Wright is concentrating on his next project(s), which includes collaborating with writer Mike White (NACHO LIBRE) on a comedy called THEM, about "one woman's journey to unmask the secret rulers of the world." The Wright-White connection just started, but this could conceivably be his next film (which will likely get a name change), as his version of the Marvel character ANT MAN is in a "holding pattern" and his adpatation of the outstanding graphic novel series SCOTT PILGRIM is still in "an early formative stage".

And for those who've watched the combined brilliance of Wright and actor/writer Simon Pegg in SHAUN and the UK series SPACED, rest assured that they'll do another movie and are currently tossing around ideas.
Extra Tidbit: Wright's first film was a cheesy comedy-western called A FISTFUL OF FINGERS, started while still in his teens.
Source: Filmforce



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